OFG Fall Celebration on YouTube!

Here's a great video of all the items in the OFG Fall Celebration on Etsy!

Thanks to Paulette of MudRailFence for all her hard work on this project!


OFG Fall Celebration on Etsy

It's finally here! The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy is having their OFG Fall Celebration! OFG members created some wonderful Fall items for this event! The variety of Primitives is amazing; stitchery, note cards, soaps, signs, dolls, painted wood, and more!

Here's the link to see all the goodies!

This was my item and it sold! Yeay!


Pink Kenmore Mixer

I was at my DD's home yesterday helping her bake cookies. She has a vintage mixer that was another one of hubby's finds. (All our girls enjoy collectibles, too.) It's an old Kenmore Mixer in pale pink! Works perfectly, has a little wear on the handle, but it has that cottage look that I love! Here's a couple photos. It has a larger bowl that goes with it, but we used it for the cookie dough. The cookies turned out pretty good, too! ;) We used the new Chocolate and Caramel Swirled chips in them and they were yummy!

Wouldn't this look neat in a cottage style kitchen?


Saturday Afternoon Etsy Treasury

Please go take at look at this Etsy Treasury.
Lots of Primitives from the Old Farmhouse Gathering.
The Swarovski Crystal Bracelet is the only non-prim item ... my DD made it! :)

Saturday Afternoon Picks

The OFG folks are having a big Fall Celebration next week on Etsy. I'll post some links when it starts. There will be some great Prim Fall items created especially for this OFG event!
Stay tuned!

I need to stay off this pc for a while so I can finish painting my Fall entry!!

Have a good weekend everybody!


Grandbabys 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was my Grandbaby's 1st Birthday. It was such fun!
She didn't want to get her hands messy in the cake!
She wanted her mommy to clean her hands off!
In honor of this momentous occasion, I had to snag an Etsy Treasury with lots of pink choices! Go have a peek! Etsy has lots of adorable handmade baby items!


Americana stuff

Good morning all! Hope you're having a nice Sunday.

We are heading out in a bit to go to our Grandbaby's 1st Birthday Party.

I can hardly believe a year has gone by! We babysit her all week while her mom & dad are working. She is pure joy! We are really tuckered out by the end of the day, but it's all worth it! Whew! I see why people don't have kids in their 50s! Oh my, she is starting to walk, but when she really gets going , I will get some much needed exercise! :)

Anyway, I wanted to post a pic that I took yesterday of my "Americana" area in my yard. (I'm a couple weeks late!) Some of y'all may have already seen the big old metal cistern that hubby found. I painted it up and it has a home amongst the plants now. I also painted the birdhouse. The big tall birdhouse in the back (about 5 ft) was another flea market find.
There's supposed to be some pink petunias in the flower pot, but they've been a little neglected of late. Just too hot out there for me! I'm really good at growing sweet potato vines, tho'!! LoL! ;)


Flea Market Finds!

Hubby found some good stuff at the Flea Market today! I know y'all will wanna see!

This is a mini lawyers bookcase. I don't think it's old, but it will hold some small items.

A glass souvenir from the 1904 Worlds Fair

I love these little tiny spoons.
It's hard to see the details in the photos, but they are so intricate!

A desk bell and a small book.
The title is "Speeches and Addresses" of Abraham Lincoln.

The bible is from 1850. It's about 6" tall.

A cute little stitched bag.

These postcards are from Spain. The dresses are actually stitched!

Hope you enjoyed these photos.
There were a few more items, but the heat index outside was 97 degrees,
so I quit taking pictures!
He's going back tomorrow, so we will see what he brings home!


WOW! 2 Blog Awards!!!

I am very honored to receive 2 blog awards this past week!
One is from Deb of Pilgrims and Pioneers.
The other is from Kris of Painted Kreations.
Thanks a bunch, y'all !!!

The rules for receiving an award are: (This is all purely optional) 1) Put the logo on your blog. 2) Add a link to the person who gave you the award. 3) Nominate 5 other blogs. 4) Add links to those blogs on yours. 5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Here are a few of my picks of award winning bloggers!!
Lots of very talented people!!

Go check out their blogs!

Primgals Primitive Palette

Blackberry Ridge

Painted Panache

The Country Cellar

Plain and Simply Karen

Kat Tails

Beadin' By The Sea


Using Beeswax to seal a painting -- by Jane DesRosier

Ran across this great tutorial by Jane DesRosier of Gritty Arts Studio.
Her artwork is absolutely beautiful! I love her Angels!!
I've been wanting to try this method for a while now. I'm gathering my supplies and want to try and make something for my DD's new home. Any advice is appreciated!!


New Summertime Etsy Treasury

I love Etsy Treasuries!! Just snagged this one! Lots of great Old Farmhouse Gathering Teams items...and a brand new Etisian, my DD!
Please have a looksee!


Ready for it to SNOW!! ;)

As you can see, I need to get in the mood for Holiday/Winter crafting! This time of year I always get out the Christmas CD's and Holiday movies to jumpstart the season. It helps me paint my snowmen. What better way than to have a little snowy music and snowmen pix!
If you'd rather hear my regular music, just pause the snow, and hit play on the other list. I want you to have a choice! :) (Some of y'all are barely over the snowy season.)
Let's get ready for some COOL crafts!!



Free Pattern from Puddles of Paint!

Susan Kelley at "Puddles of Paint" has just added the cutest free painting pattern to her website.
If you've ever visited ToleTown, you will know Susan. She has published lots of great painting books and patterns and is one of the best when it comes to teaching a painting class!!
The pattern is of the most adorable kitty!
Go check it out!

Happy July 4th !

Enjoy this great video from youtube!
It's perfect for today!


Summertime blues!

I just snagged an Etsy Treasury. Please take a peek. Hope it will help keep you cool.