Christmas In July at "Painting With Friends!"

Check out the "Painting With Friends" site! Great SALE going on in July!

Tons of wonderful designs to choose from!
Time to get painting for Fall and, yes, Christmas!!
Have fun! 


New Year's SALE at Oakleaf Hollow!

I can hardly believe that 2014 is here! 
It was a wonderful 2013. I had so much FUN painting
 painting up designs with Terrye French's
 "Painting With Friends" group.
It's time for a SALE!
Head on over to my Etsy shop to receive 25% off 
ALL my HANDpainted items! 
Just use COUPON CODE: oak2014 at checkout.
The E-patterns are NOT included, 
as they are part of Painting With Friends.

Thanks for all your support and friendship!
Will see you here in 2014!
Have a great week!


Thanksgiving is next week!

Oh my, oh my, how time doth fly!!
It's almost Thanksgiving!

What are your plans for next week?
Who's doing the cooking?
My sweet chef/hubby does pretty much 
ALL the cooking.
Thank you, dear.

One of my very favorite sites, 
has a yummy recipe for sweet potatoes.
Check out all the other goodness when you visit their site.

Now, my specialty is Cookie baking and Candy making!
Toll House Cookies, & Kraft Microwave Fudge
are a must at every get together my family has!

 I like to keep it simple & follow the recipe 
on the bag of Nestles Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, 
or just click on the link above
 to go directly to their online recipe.

The only change that I make is that I use 
Crisco Sticks instead of butter.
 I think they taste better!
It also helps to preheat the cookie sheets. 
The first batch turns out better that way.

Ok, on to the Fantasy Fudge!

It's super-easy if you make it in the Microwave!
Microwaves vary, so make sure 
that you don't overcook it.
I stop the Microwave and give the mixture
a good stir about every 3 minutes, 
no more than 11 minutes total.
Then I use the old-fashioned
cold water test to see if it's done. 
Just drop about a teaspoonful of the mixture
in a cup of COLD water, if it makes
a soft ball, then it's done!
Then toss in the rest of the ingredients!
I can still see my Mom making "Karo" Fudge at her stove.
Back then, it was a lot hotter 
standing over the stove and stirring forever!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Here's a little Bing & Rosemary!

Remember to "Count Your Blessings"
on Thanksgiving and every day.

Have a great week!


Painting With Friends new Etsy shop!

Hello All! Happy Friday!
There's a new cool Etsy shop in town!
If you enjoy painting, or Primitive style painted creations, check it out!
Painting Patterns designed by Terrye French and painted by
 .. who else .. but her friends! 

There are tons of great e-patterns from Terrye French's Painting With Friends! 
There will also be some hand crafted items.

Happy Fall!
Have fun painting!


Tulsa Trip and Ellis Paul concert

Hello All! Happy Sunday! 
It was just last Sunday that the hubby and I traveled to Tulsa, OK for a much needed day of fun. We checked out the Flea Market...didn't find a thing that we  had to have. So, we went on over to Affair of the Heart at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. I've never been, so I was happy to finally get there. They had about 850 booths, in a giant Air-conditioned building! There was SO much to see: big letters, vintage windows, kinda reminds me of Pinterest in Person!  The Prim creations of Polka Dot Pig Primitives, aka Julie Miller, was a must see. I have a little collection going on of her stuff.

It was folk singer,Woody Guthrie's 101st Birthday! 
Celebrations going on in Downtown Tulsa! The "Guthrie Green" was alive with music, craft vendors, lots of folks enjoying the afternoon on the lawn. 
We went to the Woody Guthrie Center just across the street. 
It's a wonderful tribute to the man and his legacy of music. 
I didn't realize that he was an artist, too! 
I especially enjoyed  seeing his sketches.

 This wall of screens greets you near the entrance. 
It switches to different photos, words, etc.

Love the mural on the outside wall.

 My very favorite part of our trip was the Ellis Paul concert
It was originally scheduled to be in the garden venue beside the building.
Rain and some loud thunder changed that to an indoor concert.
Ellis Paul has been, and IS one of my favorite singer/songwriters for many years.
He sang lots of his new music for the upcoming album. 
They are GREAT!
Kick Out The Lights/Johnny Cash is a FUN "audience participation" song.
My hubby even sang! 
You can hear "Chasing Beauty" on his website....or HERE!

 It's a beautiful song.

 This is Ellis and I taken after the show. It was so nice of him to sign autographs and take photos. I'm sure he was tired after playing on OKC on Friday, and then Woodyfest in Okemah on Saturday.
Thank You to Ellis for sharing your talent!
Also, thanks to Scott Aycock for putting on the show!

Yes, that is a McCartney shirt that I'm wearing! LoL!

 Here's the Art Center.
They had an amazing Fiber Arts exhibit going on.

Check out Tulsa, OK if you are ever in Oklahoma!
We had a super nice time! 
Now to get some painting done!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Christmas In July!

Hello All!
Here's a reminder for all the painters out there!
Terrye French Designs
There are lots of wonderful new e-patterns for Christmas, Halloween, and some FUN extras!
This is PWF's 3rd Anniversary!
Go check it out!


Painting With Friends

Hello all!
It's Sunday evening. I am recuperating with a cold/sinus thing. Ick!  What better time to catch up on my blogging. 

I hope that Y'all will check out the latest e-patterns from the artists at "Painting With Friends."

I had to buy this one from Deb Antonick. 
Handpainted keys are all the rage! 
I will be painting up lots for the Holidays.
 The Santa's Magic Keys will be terrific as ornaments for your tree.
Click on the photos to see these cute designs.
There are patterns for all seasons. 
Lots of new Spring ones too.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great week!


Giveaway for Christmas!

There's a great giveaway going on over at 
the Old Cupboard Door! 
You might be the proud owner of this sweet breadboard 
hand painted by Willa Croft! 
Just click on the photo to go to her site. 
While you're there check out some of the 
her other wonderful items!
They'd make terrific Christmas presents!

Thanks for stopping by!


I'm in Holiday Crafts Magazine! Woot!

Yeay, it's here! The Better Homes and Gardens "Holiday Crafts" magazine is out on newsstands now!
The cabinet door that I painted for Terrye French's "Painting With Friends," is on page 21. It has all the instructions on page 32 and, the pattern in the middle, of course. :) There are lots of other terrific crafts for the Holidays,too! I love the paper

This is the original piece. I had already 
sold it on Etsy.I painted 
a second one to send to BHandG.

We ran across the magazine quite by accident, as we were checking out at Wal Mart. Hubby saw it first. (Thank you, dear!) I had to buy at least 5 copies!  I was so excited that I had to show it to the cashier and the lady in line behind us! LoL!

In case you'd rather buy the e-pattern directly, and INstantly start painting, just head on over to the Painting With Friends site, OR my Etsy shop... Oakleaf Hollow Primitives.

I want to send a BIG Thank-You to Terrye French and the Painting With Friends Folks....also the sweet ladies over at Holiday Crafts magazine who helped me through the whole process! 

I am still on Cloud 9!!
Hugs to all!


Painting With Friends July Celebration!

Hello all! 
It's too hot outside to do anything. So the plan here is, to *paint!* The perfect place to pick up a few great e-patterns to paint up is at Terrye French's *Painting With Friends* site!! It's our 2nd Anniversary Celebration!  While you're there enter the giveaway, and grab a freebie or two. 

There are lots of new Santas, Snowmen, Angels, and more!
This Folk Art Santa, beautifully painted by Deb Antonick,  is one of my favorites. Click here to go directly to this pattern.

This is part of the Christmas Cat design 
that I painted for PWF. 
Everyone needs a mischievous kitty cat 
to liven things up under the tree! ;) 
See more of him...

Stay cool indoors, and get ready for Fall and Christmas! 
It's never too early to start painting a nice gift for your relatives or friends.
Have fun and be careful if you go out in this heat!


Mother's Day and a movie!

I hope everyone is having a nice Mother's Day!

This is one of my fave classic movies . 
1948's "I Remember Mama" with Irene Dunn
(You may need to pause my music at the right)

Here's the trailer.

See you next time.


Strawberry Pickin'!

A couple weeks ago we took the grand daughter 
to pick strawberries for the first time 
at "Wild Things Farm" in Pocola, OK
She loves strawberries, so she was pretty happy to get to pick some. It's a great way to let kids know that not all food comes from a grocery store shelf.
 Strawberries as far as the eye could see!
They have over 90 acres of fruits and veggies.
2 of the gallon size buckets were all we needed.
 It was pretty warm out, but at least there was a nice breeze. 
 They have fun things for the kids...
a day camp, petting zoo, a lake for fishing, and lots more.

 I loved their pink peonies!
 The peacocks were camera shy.
There were lots of goats, and even a newborn donkey.
The blueberries will be ready next week. We are going back then!
Meanwhile, I have been eating strawberry shortcake like crazy!
Here's an easy recipe.. I use the Hostess shortcake ready made.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!