Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to All! 
Have fun and BE SAFE! 

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Flea Market Finds!

My flea market crazed husband missed a few weekend hunts, mostly due to the hot weather. He's a happy camper now with the super nice Fall temps! Had to show y'all a few finds for today.
 Great old coffee tins in nice condition!
We have a large collection of milk bottles. Where to put them all?
 Some of this will go in our Etsy shop!
 I can see a root beer float in the tall soda glass. 
As kids, we would go to the soda fountain at the drug store after Sunday church!
The yellow tinted glass may be Depression Glass.
 This bottle is our favorite find! 
If you are watching the Ken Burns film,"Prohibition," on PBS
it tells about Coolidge and Near Beer!
Another view of the bottle.
 If anyone knows about these three bottles, we'd love to have info on them!
One bottle has vinegar in it. Another has oil. If you can tell by the photo, there's an "indentation" in the middle. They are probably not old, maybe some sort of kitchen bottles?
Leave a comment if you have any ideas. 

Well, tomorrow is another flea market day, so we will see what he comes up with! LoL!
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Have a great week!