One World One Heart Give-A-Way!


I am SO excited to join in the fun at the

"One World~One Heart"


It's the 3rd year for this International Blog Event started by Lisa "oceandreamer" Swifka of the Whimsical Bohemian !

Click on the logo to see the ALL of almost 700 bloggers that are participating in this super wonderful give-a-way.

I plan on painting at least 2 items (maybe more if I have time) for you to have more than one chance to win.

Here's my first item....a handpainted (by me) wooden tissue box. It's a sweet Terrye French bunny design. It holds a regular size box of Kleenex tissues. To be entered in my drawing, just leave a comment on this post. ANYone can leave a comment, from ANYwhere in the world, just please be sure and post your name and email address so that I can contact you if you win.

The comments will be closed on February 11th, and I will email the winner(s) of my items on February 12th. If I'm unable to contact the winner after about 2 weeks, I will choose another name out of the basket.

I'll post the other give-a-way items asap. I am finishing them up today.

Thanks a bunch!! I am looking forward to meeting lots of new folks from all over!!


Thought I'd add a second item to win....if I go over 150 posts, I will add a 3rd chance to win! Thanks all! Hope you like it.
These are my favorite things to paint on! Yep, softballs! LoL!

Thanks to all who have posted so far!! This event is great fun! Wonderful to meet so many creative people!


Tagged and an Award! :-D

The plumbers and restoration people are finally out of here. (See previous post!) We are now in the midst of an ice storm, so while the power is still on, I'd better get to posting! We are very fortunate, our power was only off for a few hours overnight, but it's sleeting and freezing more as I type. Yikes!

I've been tagged by my Etsy pal, Debora, of "Beadin' By The Sea." She lives in Washington State and makes beautiful jewelry pieces, literally, by the sea! This "Create" necklace is one of my favorites.

Here's her Etsy shop link...check it out!

Beadin' By The Sea on Etsy

So, I need to list 6 random things about myself:

1. I'm a big *list* maker... I have lots of little notebooks, post its, and tall skinny notepads with magnets on the back to prove it. I usually lose these lists and have to make more lists. They are seldom followed. It's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I can check off about 50% of the list...then I start a new list of what's left.

2. I love to paint on crazy surfaces. I 've painted on volleyballs for the U of A. They used them for trophies. I've also painted shoes for UA fans and some of the players family members. When the Razorbacks won the NCAA Basketball Tourney back in '94 (I think) some of my painted shoes were pictured in a special edition of Sports Illustrated.
This photo is from a couple years ago, when I painted shoes for some of the teams' family members.

3. I have a crush on Hugh Jackman. If you've seen him or any of his work, no explanation is needed.

4. I like to take lots and lots of photos. The first item purchased when I got married was a good camera. (37 years ago!) I'd rather have a new camera than a new couch!

5. Old movies are my very favorite---30's and 40's !! No, I was not born then, but I still enjoy the nostalgia and the simpleness of the times.

6. I have too many *collections*...clocks, snowglobes, snowmen, Toy Story, vintage christmas stuff. I am trying to simplify more, so some of this has gotta go!

So there's some of my rambling randomness. Hope it wasn't tooo boring. ;]

I will refrain from tagging anyone else at this time (unless you want to volunteer? LoL!)


I'm also very happy that I've received a blog award from Shirley of Xashee's Corner! Check out her blog here: Xashee's Corner

Thanks very much, Shirley! I hope the random stuff about me above will count as my list! LoL!


Oh my! 3 weeks since my last post?

Hello all!

Sorry, I have been in such a blogging fog lately. Among other things, the water heater broke almost 2 weeks ago, and I've since been trying to get everything dryed out and a new tank installed! It's funny how you never realize just how MUCH stuff that you have, until it needs to get moved around! LoL! My craft room will now get a complete makeover, due to wet carpet! Yeay! The carpet will have to be replaced in almost every room in the house! All our collectibles will need to be boxed up and out of the way, so it can be installed. Yikes!

Also, it's close to my 100th post, (I dunno, this may even BE my 100th). I'd been planning on some sort of celebration and give-a-way, but I will need to postpone it until the carpet situation gets resolved. I'm thinking of painting something Springy to give away. Stay tuned! It may end up being closer to my 200th post!
I've been tagged by Debora, my Etsy buddy. Her shop is "Beadin' By The Sea!"
Also won a blog award!! I will post more about this asap.
Thanks, y'all!!