Americana Cabinet Door by Painted Kreations

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team's Summer Challenge is still going strong! Here's one of the terrific Prim Patriotic items from OFG. This is handpainted by Kris of "Painted Kreations." I am big fan of her work! It's a beautiful Cabinet Door with an Americana Saltbox scene. The Pledge of Allegiance goes around the trim. This would be such a nice addition to your summer decor. Check out Kris' Etsy shop! She is a VERY talented artist!!

Be sure and look at all the Prim 4th of July items from OFG on Etsy!

My dog does not like "Cat!"

Nala in her younger days

We have a very sweet, elderly heinz57/terrier mix doggie, "Nala." She was just a pup back when my daughters were small and they loved the Lion King, hence her name. Kind of ironic that she's named after a big ol' Cat!

She can't see as well as she used to, and is content to be quietly sleeping under my desk, while I paint or work at the computer. Ya' don't know that this dog is on the place, she's so quiet!

Now, my music is going all the time, even when I leave the room. Lots of different types of music, but mostly mellow type stuff.

Well,I have discovered that Nala does not like "CAT," not as in kitty cat, but Cat Stevens!! Every time the song, "Moonshadow" comes on she starts barking like there's a prowler about to grab my paintin' stuff!! I found this to be quite amusing, and couldn't believe that this one song would have her in an uproar. I experimented with other Cat Steven's songs. . . not a peep out of her! I even tried other artists' songs, not even a mere woof, woof!! I have come to the conclusion that it must be one of the musical instruments or sounds that annoy her. I guess it hurts her ears, but she doesn't even bark when the city tests the tornado alarms, and they are only 2 blocks away! Anybody else have a dog like this?

I will always know when Moonshadow is playing, thanks to my sweet Nala!
I wonder if we'd make it on Letterman??

Cat Stevens in his younger days.Our "Mitty" kitty; Nala steers clear of him!!
My best buddy, Mitty, is our attack cat! Just the other day, he jumped on a big lab that came too close to him in our driveway! The neighbor dogs all fear him! LoL!
He looks pretty docile in this pic, but look out!! haha!

OFG Prim and Patriotic

Here's another group of Prim items from the OFG on Etsy.
Check 'em out!


ETSY's Old Farmhouse Gathering Summer Challenge

I'm a member of The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team (OFG) on Etsy. We are in the midst of our "Summer Challenge." We were invited to create an item for Etsy with an Americana/Patriotic theme. The OFG gang stepped up to the challenge, and made some of the nicest Prim & Patriotic items you've ever seen! Head on over to Etsy and check them out! If you type "ofg challenge" in the Etsy search box ("all items" in the drop down box) it should bring up a list of all the OFG Americana items. Enjoy!!

OFG Promotion thread...post a message!

These Etsy OFG Treasuries will expire soon...so click away!

Patriotic ofg Summer Challenge

Prim Americana from the OFG

Stars & Stripes Forever!

OFG Patriotic Summer Challenge

Back to painting!!

I cleaned off *some* of my painting desk..........enough to finish painting this very old metal gas/oil can. In the midst of painting, I had the roofers putting the new roof on the house, and the tree guy, chopping and sawing away at our big cedar tree. The remainder of our old cedar made a nice backdrop for this photo. I will sure miss that tree! (see storm pix here)
I am very pleased that I got something done. I could tell that I really needed to get back to painting!


We have electricity!

Storms rolled through on Sunday evening (Father's Day) and we lost power...and trees! 25,000 people with no electricity in our area. Winds up to 70+ miles an hour. Uprooted trees and debris everywhere! Here's some photos of our cedar tree and some neighbors' damage a few block from us. Wow! These are BIG old oaks! We were very fortunate! The electricity was off for 2 days, but came back on Tuesday night.

Our big cedar split in half! It hit our storage building, which was already damaged from the April hailstorm. So glad we hadn't replaced it yet! :)

This is a home just a few blocks away! The big oak split it in half! Thank goodness, no one was injured! 2 other bigs oaks were down in their yard and the yard across the street.

These folks lost their new treehouse and fence.

Lines were down all over town.

We are all so blessed that there were no serious injuries. I cannot even imagine what people in the more damaged and flooded areas like, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, & Illinois, must be going through! Thoughts and prayers are with all!


Happy Father's Day


Buttons and more Buttons!

Had to show y'all what my DH brought home from the Flea Market today! Besides taking a photo of the sign that I painted......he brought me 4 sewing drawers filled with old buttons! Yippee! I've been wanting some drawers to paint on! These buttons were a real bonus! Ummmm, ok, now, where will I put them...........LoL!

Finished Flea Market sign

My DH took this photo of the sign I painted for the local Flea Market. Thought I'd show you the finished result. It has lettering on both sides. It's a BIG sign!! LoL!


Extreme Makeover OFG Edition !

Just snagged an Etsy Treasury this evening! These are so fun to do! So check it out , as it will expire on Monday afternoon. Lots of goodies from the crafty folks at OFG-Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Remember, Sunday is Father's Day!


Flea Market sign

Since I'm not getting much painting done in my craft room, I thought I'd show y'all what I painted outside. It was too big to bring in the house! My DH has been going to the local flea market for around 30 years. They needed a new sign (I painted the old one, too) so I finished this one up recently. There are 2 big signs, about 4 ft. by 8 ft. They will be mounted back to back. Pretty basic stuff, but I enjoy it.

I love lettering signs and posters. I used to make the posters for the school Carnival when I was in grade school. No photos from back then, tho! (were there even cameras?)
Besides my job as a telephone operator, I ended up making signs and doing the artwork at the phone company for 30+ years.

Part of a big wall calendar that I painted each month. It was about 6 feet tall and 5 feet across. I used markers and sometimes colored chalk to get a softer look.
Lots of Pat Olson designs! I have almost every book she ever did!

A couple pix of our "team" promotions.

I liked to doodle while I was working, too! LoL! Don't tell my old boss!

It was fun getting to do what I loved, but I'm sure glad to be retired now!!
Hope you enjoyed a few of my "back in the day" photos.


Way behind on "Show Me Wednesdays!"

I'm in a posting mood...........think I drank too much tea. It was 94 very hot and humid degrees here today!

I've missed some "Show Me Wednesdays" over at Hazelruthes. I actually took some photos and never posted them. So here's a couple:

I don't have a dress form, but will a hat holder/wig stand do? :) This is so funky and vintage. We use this green lady to display old hats at the shows. She should have a ladies hat on, but we didn't bring them to this particular show.

This is part of our show display. We had several people want to buy the green lady, but DH wouldn't part with it. Will post more pix soon. :) I do have a sewing machine that I need to take pics of!

I've been double dog dared !!

Ok, this is it....my messy craft room, and boy *messy* is an understatement!

Cathy, from Hazelruthe's, double-dog-dared us to show photos of our mess!

I am pretty embarrassed that I've let it get this far, but I have LOTS of excuses as to why it's fallen into this much disarray!

This is my shelf unit and closet with items to paint on. Lots of coffee pots on top!

When my DD moved out, almost 3 years ago, I jumped right in and took over her old room. I did feel a little guilty for about 5 minutes! My own little room to paint in!! Wow!

Well, she came ba-a-a-ack a few months ago! By this time, my passion for painting and crafting and collecting anything and everything to do with painting and crafting had spilled over into the other bedroom. So, (this is leading somewhere, I promise) I had to move ALL the overflow of items to my already overflowing craft room! Thus, the unbelieveable mess! I can barely move in there!

Another shelf with some completed items and storage bins. Thats one big roll of bubble wrap!

Now the good news! She bought a new home and yep.....I will soon be able to move stuff around again! My DD moves, I gain more craft space! LoL! We will miss her! She's only moving a few blocks away,tho' ! ;)

This is my desk where I paint.

It's a super big old solid oak desk that my DH salvaged from a car dealership that was moving to a new location. I'll take another photo when I clean it off, I promise! :) There is no painting going on here right now! I have been in a pretty non-creative state lately. I hope this slump will change when I re-organize.

Ok, I've shown you my space, or non-space. Head over to Hazelruthe's blog and post your messy craft room, too! I double-dog-dare ya'!
Here's her blog link:
The voting for your favorite craft room mess will end Friday, June 13th!
Voting is at
Hazelruthe's blog.
Look at the other messy rooms besides mine!
I am in very good company!! :)


Whimsical Treasury on Etsy

My heart is still Prim, but lately I've been drawn to these whimsical prints and mixed media paintings on Etsy. I would love to try and create something like these. I have no clue even where to begin, but I am gonna find out. More art materials to fill my craft room! Oh my! This Treasury will expire on Thursday, so check it out while you can! Enjoy!


...the moona, and the junea, and the springa...

Wow! It's already the 1st day of June! Time seems to stand still when we're young, but boy does it fly by when we're *ahem* older! I'm still a kid at heart, tho'! That's why I'm posting this vintage Merrie Melodies Toon. It's one of my favorites. The little Owl Jolson wants to follow his dream to sing. It's about finding your passion and then things will fall into place. The art in these old toons is wonderful,too. It's all in the details. The song that he sings is perfect for June! Hope y'all will enjoy this toon from the 30's.
Happy June!