Old Farmhouse Holiday Celebration!

Just a reminder to get ready for the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team's Holiday Celebration on Etsy!! It starts tomorrow, October 1st! All the OFG Gang are listing their Holiday and Christmas goodies especially for this event! I will be showcasing some items and sellers in the upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned!!


Northwest Arkansas *Share* Cookbook

Hello All !

This newly published cookbook is now available through my blog. It's put together by the Northwest Arkansas Share Parents Support Group. The mission of SHARE is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or in the first 2 years of life.

In 2006, my DD and SIL experienced such a loss. Their baby boy, Christopher, was born prematurely and could not survive such an early delivery. The help and support of the Share group was a true blessing for them. They continue to be active in the groups' endeavors to help others with their grief.

This cookbook has 77 pages of delicious recipes from members, their families and friends. Lots of helpful baking and cooking tips throughout. I am very happy to say that it was an honor to be able to design the cover! :)

If you would like a copy, they are $10 each with free shipping! Nice as a Christmas gift for that cookbook collector! Just email me. PayPal is preferred, but a check or money order is fine. Make checks payable to: NWA SHARE Parents Support Group. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cookbooks goes to the SHARE programs and construction and maintenance of the Angel Of Hope in NW Arkansas.

For more information on Northwest Arkansas Share Parents Support group, visit their website at http://www.nwashare.org

Thanks very much!!


A Rockin' Blog Award!

Wahoo! I've just received a blog award from Janae of Cozy Coops Corner! Thanks a bunch, Janae!! I am very honored to be in such good company with all the other recipients. Be sure and have a peek at Janae's blog, too! Check out her photos! Her fall decorations are out!! They look great!!

Where does everyone find these neat logos for the awards? This one has a guitar on it!! Perfect for me 'cause I love to go to rock concerts and I gotta have my music or I couldn't function!

Ok, I'm supposed to list 6 random things about myself.....ummmmm..... here goes.....

1.) I love old movies from the 30's and 40's, especially those with Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Greer Garson, etc; romantic comedy type stuff.

2.) I once watched an episode of the kids' show, "The Big Comfy Couch" withOUT my grandbaby! I think Major Bedhead is pretty cute! LoL!

3.) I'm trying to read more often. (It's very relaxing)
This one got me....

4.) I bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies.

This link has the good stuff! Click on the cookies!!

5.) I want to visit Alaska someday. (before I'm too old to enjoy it, and while the glaciers are still around!)

6.) I'm taking way too long coming up with a #6 ! I realize that this is a not so "random" thing about me......I'm slo-o-o-ow!

The 6 blogs to nominate........that may take some more thought, as lots of my faves have recently received awards, but DO look at my blog list and check out the cool creating going on!!

Thanks again, Janae!!


New items on Etsy!

Wahoo! I managed to get a few softballs and baseballs painted for Etsy! Here's 2 or 3 photos of them. The first two are new designs by Terrye French! Click on the photos to go to the Etsy listing.


Treasuries Abound!

Here's some Friday Treasuries on Etsy. It's all in the family! LoL! I snagged one, and also my 2 DD's are now hooked on making Treasuries! Will add more later. I'm going to my painting desk!
Thanks for looking! Be sure to click and comment!


New blog award from Judy!

I received a blog award from Judy of Blackberry Ridge! Judy is pretty new to this blog stuff, but I must tell ya. . .she has a lot to say!! LoL!! It's great reading for sure! I enjoy her blog so much that I gave her an award at the very beginning. :)
She is a very talented artist and fellow member of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy.
Have a peek at her Etsy Shop here.
Thanks very much, Judy!!


Flea Market Sunday

Here's a few items from the flea market this weekend!
I knew that some of the sewers out there would like this vintage toy sewing machine. The cardboard carrier is pretty worn, but it has the original little doll patterns inside and a measuring tape. So cute!

It even has tiny cardboard hangers for the doll clothes.

This paper tag is a game card.
It came from a young lady's high school scrapbook from the late 20's.

I love the scorecard side of this.
The note is so cool!
It reads, "Miss Spencer, I went to a Bunko party-I had a blind date-proved rather interesting."

This newspaper clipping was in the same scrapbook.

A great book of poems!

And here's one of my favorites of the postcards.

Have a few more finds, and will try to post more later. I am going to finish some painting projects this afternoon.

Thanks for visiting! Please leave a comment!! I love to hear from everybody!


Award from Primitive Paintins'

I'm very happy to receive this blog award from my Paintin' Pal, Tonya! Her blog is "Primitive Paintins." She recently did a makeover on her blog and it's lookin' great! Just click on the award logo and it will take you to her blog.

Thanks again, Tonya!!


Christmas and More---Etsy Treasuries!

Here's todays Etsy Treasuries!
Please click and leave a comment, and click for some music, too!
These will only be there for a couple days! Thanks!!

Thanks a bunch!!