Lost Our Marbles!

For Flea Market Friday, I thought I'd show y'all DH's favorite collection of all!
All 10,000+ of them!
He started collecting marbles years ago. He found an old wooden game board with clay marbles displayed on it at a favorite antiques shop. He was hooked!

The clay ones go way back. Some of them are said to have been used by the early American Indians. Along with the clay marbles, there are agates, china, handpainted, swirls, benningtons, and lots of others. I like that orange and black marble below. Looks like Halloween colors!

The jars they are displayed in are neat, too. I love the vintage Tom's Peanut Jars, Stewarts, a Squirrel brand Peanut Jar, and lots of old Mason jars. There's about 25 jars in all.

Lots of them are arranged by colors.

This jar is kindof Christmasy!
We get lots of jokes at shows like, "Have you lost all your marbles?"
The answer is "Yes!" But at least, DH has a collection of them to fall back on!
Have a good weekend all!


Flea Market SUNday!

Hope y'all are having a nice relaxing Sunday! I've been playing around with my DD's new camera, so I thought I'd share some more pics of old stuff.
This lil mad guy was my older brother's toy when he was a baby!
(My brother is 67 now!)
I thought it was sortof an odd looking toy for a child!
He's cute in spite of his tough looking exterior.
Reminds me of a kewpie doll.
The backside view is too funny!

This is a beautiful handpainted teacup.
It has no markings on the bottom.

I don't understand why the design seems unfinished on the back?
Anyone familiar with these?

Here's an old soda bottle. Love it! I wonder what it tasted like?

Here's a view of part of our milk bottle collection. Pardon the dust!
I need to get all these down for a good cleaning and sorting. We have way too many! I hope to have a few on Etsy soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Oh also, we are getting ready for a big antiques sale on Highway 64 in Arkansas! If you are in the area, it's called "Bargains Galore on 64!" 160 miles of yard sales and cool collectible stuff from Fort Smith to Beebe, Arkansas! Everyone sets up along the highway, so it's miles of flea market fun!!

It starts Thursday, August 13th through Saturday, August 15th.
I will post more on it soon!


Ellis Paul Free Music Download!

Hey y'all! Thought you'd like this free music download from singer/songwriter, Ellis Paul! Yep, it's FREE! How many musicians today do that for their fans? Just click on the photo to go to Ellis' website.
I can hardly wait til the cd is released!
His music speaks for itself. I've been a fan ever since I heard, "The World Ain't Slowin' Down." I was on my way to work ,a "few" years back, and the local DJ said, "It doesn't get any better than this!" He was certainly right.

My grandbaby and I love to listen to "The Dragonfly Races" cd as well. A real fun toe tapper! It's a must if you have little ones around. Well, it's fine without little ones around as well! :)

Special thanks to Ellis Paul for his kind generosity in sharing his wonderful talent!


Flea Market Friday is back!

Oh my, I've missed more than a couple Flea market Fridays!
(almost missed this one! LoL!)
Here's some vintage bling that's oh so sparkley in person! I ran across a box full while packing up one of our curio cabinets. I don't have a clue when it comes to this stuff.
DH just sees an item that he likes and grabs it up if its a bargain.
The silver items above are my favorites. The one at the top left has a pin back and I think it's a "tussy mussy?" It holds some sort of small flowers or maybe lavender. At the bottom left, the silver container held maybe matches. It has what looks like a flint on the inside.
Here's some pinks and purples!

I like the reds and golds, too!
The little round key fob at the bottom right has a clip on the back, and it's a pretty pearl type inlay. My descriptions are probably way off! Please leave me a comment if you have any info on some of these items.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend everybody!


Aretsy Christmas In July

The AREtsy Team (Etsy sellers from Arkansas) is having a Christmas in July sale starting Monday, July 6 and lasting 2 weeks until Sunday, July 19.

Check out our Team's blog for a clickable list of sales information on all the shops. Just click on the logo above.

Or, just go to Etsy and type in Aretsy in the search box for more!

Both my Vintage shop and my handpainted shop are in this sale. Everything is 10% off!! The 10% will be refunded via PayPal after your purchase.

It's time to start thinking Christmas!