Old World Primitives Giveaway!

Stephanie from "Old World Primitives" is celebrating her 1 year Blog-a-versary! (Is that a word?) Just hop on over to her blog and post a comment to win! Here's a pic of all the great stuff she is so kindly giving away!

Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary, Stephanie!!


Painters! Shading Video!

Wow! Thanks to Judy B. from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy! Judy posted this link to a Maxine Thomas video that demonstrates Maxine's shading technique. I struggle with my float shading, and this video makes it all seem easier. :) Take a peek!
Thanks again, Judy!


Tick Tock!

Tick Tock! That's what my grandbaby calls our clocks. She loves the chimes and will cup her little hand up to her ear to listen to the chimes on the hour.

We have a clock collection. It's mostly shelf type clocks, but my favorites are the old chiming wall clocks and wood mantle clocks. I am *starting* to get the small ones packed up so we can get our flooring done. Geeez, this is going soooo slow! I thought it'd be a good idea to take some photos, so we will remember what's packed and where. Here's a few small *tick tocks.* :) I hope to have pics of some of the mantle clocks soon.

This is from the Hammond Clock Company in Chicago. It's electric and was made between 1928-1941. Mr Hammond went on to create the Hammond organ.

Here's a bright celluloid one, circa 1920s, from the Lux Clock Co. in Waterbury, Connecticut.

A nice antique Jennings Bros., New Haven, Conn. cast spelter metal mantel clock that dates from 1910. It has lovely raised Art Nouveau scenes all the way around the clock, including on the back . We took this one to the Antiques Road Show!

Another one that we took to the Antique Roadshow! (It was SO fun!) This is a chrome-plated? Elgin 8 day clock. It's really heavy.

I love this one! It's cobalt blue ceramic with the most gorgeous Victorian lady in the insert. Made in Germany, but I don't know much about it. The pics are kinda blurry. A new camera is on my wish list. :)

This one is Art Noveau. It has inlay at the top and bottom corners. The detail is wonderful. Reminds me a little of Mardi Gras. The lady is holding a mask, and there's lots of little floral designs and hearts, etc. We took this one to the Roadshow.

I think this one is called a "Grandmother's Clock?" The chimes are lovely.

This is our very favorite! The best one from the Antiques Roadshow. The pictures do not do it justice! It's Swiss and handpainted tin. It's signed, but they weren't sure who the artist was at the roadshow. The gorgeous lady is carrying a bow and arrow. The base is stone and the top is brass.

Hope you enjoyed these!


Photo Challenge

Good Morning , All!

I've received a challenge from Liv of *Liv Luvs Scraps*

I recently met Liv, who is from Australia, through the "One World One Heart" Event. She won my pink handpainted softball! (It will be there soon, Liz, I promise! LoL!) She's a scrapper and her blog has some of her cool scrap layouts that she created. Check it out!

Ok, for this challenge, I need to find the 6th folder and the 6th photo in that folder in the"My Pictures" folder! I love to take photos, so this will be pretty easy. I have hundreds and hundreds of folders of pics from family, friends, pets, antiques, travels, art stuff.......well, I won't give the whole boring list. :]

Here's my photo.........

As luck would have it, my 6th photo, in my 6th folder, is from 2006!! How weird is that?
This is a Terrye French Prim bunny design. I painted it on a vintage aluminum coffee pot to sell on Ebay. I still have bunches of coffee pots and tea pots that I haven't painted yet! Oh, the clutter!

I am supposed to pick 6 folks to take the photo challenge! I always try and get volunteers first!! LoL! So look out, I may be posting on your blog soon! :)

Thanks, Liv!! This was fun!! It actually has inspired me to start painting on another coffee pot!


Old Farmhouse Gathering Team

Here are just a few of the latest items from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team (OFG) on Etsy! The Etsy Shop name is below each photo, if you'd like to see more from that particular seller. I just snagged an Etsy Treasury, but just had to showcase some of the gorgeous things here, as well! Click here to see the Etsy Treasury. Also, remember to type in OFG in the search box at Etsy to see all of the great creations from all of our Team members!



Blog Award :)

Many thanks to Natalie of Tins and Treasures for this blog award!

Have a peek at her Etsy shop, too! She has this sweet little *Pocketful of Prim Bunnies* listed now. Great for Easter!

She's my Prim Pal and fellow member of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy! The OFG gang is burning the midnight oil in preparation for our Spring Celebration! More info on that later!

Vintage Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentines Day to all !


OWOH Winners!!

The winners have been chosen for this years One World~One Heart Event!

Here they are:

SuseADoodle...the tissue box

Liv in Australia...the pink softball

Paisley Girl...a set of wooden tags


Cowgirltazz...a polar bear softball

Congratulations ladies!

I hope that y'all enjoy your items. They will be on the way shortly!Looking forward to going back and reading more blogs and visit with new blog friends!

I also won three great items!!!

A cool atc card by Janell at *Pumpkinseeds Folk Art*

a gorgeous heart pendant from Doda in the Highlands, UK

and...a set of silicone lights from Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch!

Thank you so much!

Thank you again everyone, and a VERY special thanks to Lisa Swifka of *A Whimsical Bohemian* for all her amazing work and dedication to this terrific project! Wow! I can't even imagine what next year will be like!


OWOH Winners announcement coming soon!

Good morning all!

Well, today is the BIG day to pick the winners for the One World ~ One Heart giveaway! I will pick 4 winners for my items this afternoon and notify them by email. Once I receive confirmation from the winners, I will post about it here! If you participated in this years' event, watch your email ! Best wishes to everyone! I hope that you'll be lucky enough to win more goodies from the other participants! This has been so much fun! I appreciate all the nice comments!

Hope that everybody has a great weekend!