I'm in Holiday Crafts Magazine! Woot!

Yeay, it's here! The Better Homes and Gardens "Holiday Crafts" magazine is out on newsstands now!
The cabinet door that I painted for Terrye French's "Painting With Friends," is on page 21. It has all the instructions on page 32 and, the pattern in the middle, of course. :) There are lots of other terrific crafts for the Holidays,too! I love the paper

This is the original piece. I had already 
sold it on Etsy.I painted 
a second one to send to BHandG.

We ran across the magazine quite by accident, as we were checking out at Wal Mart. Hubby saw it first. (Thank you, dear!) I had to buy at least 5 copies!  I was so excited that I had to show it to the cashier and the lady in line behind us! LoL!

In case you'd rather buy the e-pattern directly, and INstantly start painting, just head on over to the Painting With Friends site, OR my Etsy shop... Oakleaf Hollow Primitives.

I want to send a BIG Thank-You to Terrye French and the Painting With Friends Folks....also the sweet ladies over at Holiday Crafts magazine who helped me through the whole process! 

I am still on Cloud 9!!
Hugs to all!


Painting With Friends July Celebration!

Hello all! 
It's too hot outside to do anything. So the plan here is, to *paint!* The perfect place to pick up a few great e-patterns to paint up is at Terrye French's *Painting With Friends* site!! It's our 2nd Anniversary Celebration!  While you're there enter the giveaway, and grab a freebie or two. 

There are lots of new Santas, Snowmen, Angels, and more!
This Folk Art Santa, beautifully painted by Deb Antonick,  is one of my favorites. Click here to go directly to this pattern.

This is part of the Christmas Cat design 
that I painted for PWF. 
Everyone needs a mischievous kitty cat 
to liven things up under the tree! ;) 
See more of him...

Stay cool indoors, and get ready for Fall and Christmas! 
It's never too early to start painting a nice gift for your relatives or friends.
Have fun and be careful if you go out in this heat!