OoPs! Flea Market...Saturday?

I missed Flea Market Friday, so why not a Flea Market Saturday this weekend?
I'm posting a quick couple photos here because today I'm working on our new Etsy shop...
I just added these 2 items to the shop.
It's slow going, but there will be lots more items in the shop soon.
I am looking through boxes and crates, and trunks of collectibles to see what all we have.
There will be vintage photos, postcards, glass items, kitchen stuff, rusty stuff, and more!
Hubby is having a difficult time parting with these *treasures.*
I am very excited about it all! I want some space! LoL!
My latest motto is "live simply," so some of this has got to go on Etsy!

This is a Pie Bird or Pie Funnel. I had no clue what it was, hubby had to explain! LoL!
Only 15 bucks, plus shipping, it's on Etsy now.
I know y'all are familiar with a lemon juicer. It's green depression glass. So pretty!
20 dollars plus shipping, also on Etsy.

I am heading out to look in our trunks for vintage photos.

Please take a peek at the new Etsy shop!
All comments welcome!! What sort of items would you like to see in the shop (or here) We have a bit of everything, believe me!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Ahhhhh We Love Etsy!!

Thanks to ZombieIrish for this neat Etsy Day Banner!!
Visit her shop for super cool stuff!

Little Brown Rabbit on Etsy Day!

Hope y'all are having a nice Etsy Day!!

Grandbaby is asleep, so I have time to post about this very nice shop on Etsy...

The bunny creations by Emma Talbot are the most adorable illustrations and greeting cards that you've ever seen! Check out Florence, a sweet Thingamajig bunny!

I am a proud and very lucky winner of one of Em's Chiff Chaff prints, too!

Have a peek at her blog to see what I won!

Thanks bunches to Em for her birdie print!

Celebrate Etsy Day!!

More Etsy Day!

Here's another fave seller to celebrate Etsy Day! Allison Cecil of "MonkeysAlwaysLook" ...she was recently a featured seller. Here's the article.

She has plants, (look at that hen&chicks above!) and vintage items, and more! I discovered her plant markers on the front page this morning. They are so nice to identify your herbs! This one sold before I could even get this posted!! But take a peek anyway, they're too cute to miss! I bet there will be more! :)

Visit Etsy today for more super handcrafted items!
Happy Etsy Day!

Etsy Day!!

It's Etsy Day! Be sure and visit your favorite Etsy sellers' shops and spread some Etsy love!
Here's a neat item from "SparklePower."
I love the message! Lots of really cute stuff in her shop!
I will post more cool Etsy items later today. :)


Happy Earth Day!

This says it all. Enjoy your day!


Flea Market Friday III

Happy Flea Market Friday!
Here are a couple of sweet vintage kitchen towels. They measure about 17" by 39" Probably cotton fabric, one cloth is a little more faded than the other. I love the red designs of ladies washing and drying the dishes. The background is white. These are very lightweight and the dish motif is on one side only.

There is ,of course, some wear, but not much. There's a small stain on one and a little worn spot on the other. (See photos)

I have not used them or washed them since DH found them at the Flea market.

I can pack these up in a bubble mailer and send them 1st class to save money,if you'd like. They'd be a really cute addition to your kitchen for 5 dollars plus shipping. (They weigh about 6-7 oz.)
Just email me with your zip and I will be happy to invoice you through PayPal.
Thanks for looking!!
Remember to check back for my new Vintage Shop Opening on Etsy!


Easter Greetings!

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter! Since today was a very rainy, windy, & stormy day, we had all the Easter festivities yesterday. A nice time was had by all with a picnic lunch, egg hunt for the grandbaby, and in general relaxing amidst the blooming dogwoods, and lilacs, near the pond. The fresh homemade banana pudding was the yummiest of all the desserts! :)

Here's a little guy that we found flitting among the lilacs! Somebody tell me what is it?? He was smaller than a hummer, maybe 1/2 the size, but looked like some sort of moth? I've seen the big hummer-type moths before, but not like this one. He has 2 bands of yellow across the bottom. It was fun to see him close up. Please leave a comment if you know what he is. :)

My oldest "baby!"

This year, my oldest's 32nd Birthday fell on Easter! Yep, that's her in the photo at about age 3! She was a little tomboy and loved to play in the dirt! We didn't get to see her due to the bad weather, but plan a trip next weekend to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

One more thing to add today. This link was on Twitter via Ann Curry.
It will give you even more to smile about on this wonderful Easter.

Follow Your Dreams!!


Flea Market Friday II

Welcome to Flea Market Friday!

Here's an adorable toy sewing machine!
Remember when things were made of sturdy metal?

This little machine really works! It takes 2 "D" batteries, which are included. It has an on and off switch. I didn't actually sew with it, but the little light turned on and it seemed to run well.

It measures 6 1/2" across by about 5 1/2" high.

There's a spot of rust on the battery cover.

The words, "2 D Cell Cragstan Batteries" and "Japan" are on the battery door. Also the word "Crystal" is on the bottom.

This is another vintage sewing treasure that would be great displayed in your sewing or craft room. And small sewing projects would be a breeze!
$40 plus shipping will send it on it's way. I use PayPal.
Please feel free to email me if you're interested or have any questions!
Thanks for looking!


*Follow* ups! :)

Hi all! I just added a *follower* gizmo to the right. I wasn't too sure how this works. I plan on having a *Flea Market Friday* every week, so I thought it might help if all y'all *junkers* and *collectors* could have a little reminder.
So come on, stop by, and join in the fun!
If you have a Flea Market Friday, let me know and I'll post a link to your blog here!
Lots of great stuff out there!
Thanks a bunch!!

If you were around in the early 70s, you may remember the Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau cartoons. The "followers" widget made me think of the Inspector! LoL! I loved to draw that bumbling, and funny guy!! I did lots of posters with him as the main character. I have photos somewhere at my dad's of the drawings. He used to take pics of my art projects when I was a kid. Thank goodness for dads that save stuff! :)


Flea Market Friday

Happy Spring Friday, All!

I can't remember who started "Flea Market Friday." (Somebody please tell me)This is my first time to put an item on here to sell. I decided this great find needs a good home. So, here ya go!

A Vintage Cloth Mannequin Head!

She's in pretty good shape for her age, no rips or tears. I'm assuming the cloth is a muslin or canvas type fabric. She won't need to be primmed up!

The base has a plastic rim around it in good shape. I believe there was a base it sat on at some point. The stamp on it at the bottom says 28 then 20 below that?

This is sitting on my sundial outside to get a good photo, so the dial is not included. LoL! This would be really nice tucked in with your antique sewing items. I can see her sporting a nice vintage chapeau and all fixed up for springtime!

Just email me if you're interested. 20 bucks plus shipping will send her on her way to you. PayPal only please.

Oh, I might add...coming soon...our new vintage shop on Etsy!!

I will announce the grand opening here!
We will have some cool vintage collectibles to use as decor or in your crafting projects.


Got Hummers?

Well, no, I haven't seen a hummingbird yet. But, by now one usually has dropped by to see how many feeders we have out. We are late this season!! They will be up and ready for the scouts by tomorrow!

Meanwhile these are photos from the Butterfly Festival at Mount Magazine Lodge in Arkansas taken in 07.

This is the gorgeous view from the lodge! It was overcast, but still wonderful!

One more photo of one of the many feeders at the Nature Center!
Here's a link to a great site about Hummingbirds:

Fun Site!

Happy April Fools Day! Hope it went well for everybody! No tricks here. Just found this gizmo on another blog and had to share. It's called *Image Chef.* I made the heart. Lots of options to make fun stuff for your blog. Check it out!

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com