Freshly Painted...

I'm getting ready for a show in 5 days. Here's some items that are *almost* finished. Haven't sealed them yet.
I think my old reliable camera is about kaput. The color is off (too yellow)even after I tried to fix it.

The Holiday Angel Tray is my favorite. I plan to put a coat of Briwax on it.

These skinny Santa boards need lots more detail! Suggestions welcome!! :) I want to add a tag tied with cheesecloth at the top, and a rusty snowflake, and some wording! But what wording??

I am pretty happy with this Sugar Mold. These are all Terry French designs!! I think some nice glass votives and candles will look great in it!!

Thanks for looking! Please leave me comments, and suggestions are heartily WELCOME!!

PS...I'm attempting to make some vintage bottlecap magnets! Will show pics when I've completed a few. The glueing part is a mess! Whew!



Love your blog....so much to see and take in.
Your painting is exceptional.
Hugs & God Bless
OFG Member

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think your work is just great. But I know how you feel -- sometimes I finish a graphic, and I feel that it just isn't DONE. Others may think it is, but I just feel, NO, something needs to be added. I think your designs are GREAT as they are -- but if you want suggestions -- for the wording, how about "Joy" or "Believe" (but I guess Believe is getting kind of overused) or even "Ho Ho Ho" -- for your detail, maybe some swirly vine-type lines with some holly berries?

I can't wait to see your bottlecap magnets, those sound neat!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I too thought of Ho HO HO and dream...but I know you don't need my ideas! I adore the snowman...so magical. Dianntha

Tins and Treasures said...

I love your work...If you add the cheesecloth and snowflake, it may not need any lettering...I like the simplicity...
We once made some Santas that said "You'd better not pout" but that might be too much for this space?

Tonya said...

Hey Julie,

All great stuff. Hope your show goes well. Your painting is excellent as always. I would paint some berries and pine twigs on the top of the brim on the Santa's hats and write "St. Nick" or "Ole St Nick" on the tags.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hi y'all!!
Wanted to say Thanks for all the great ideas!! I will list the finished Santas in my Etsy shop.
Y'all are the BEST!!!