Let It Snow...Again!

Just doesn't seem like winter unless there's at least one really good snow event. It was coming down in buckets yesterday! Yeay!

Here's a few photos. The first one is a *cistern* that I painted a few years back. The snow was just starting to accumulate. It sits in my front yard year round under the ivy.

Here's our pine trees. There are cacti under them. The super cold temps from a couple weeks ago flattened them out! They always pop back in the spring, tho.
We made up some pine cones with PB and bird seed. This little wren loves it! The pic is through my window, so it's a bit hazy.

These are the metal bands from old wagon wheels. (I think) Yep, we have lotsa stuff like that around! LoL!

Ok, I had to get my hands in the snow at least a little! This is DH's truck window. It had a thick layer of ICE under the snow!

Hope that you enjoyed my snowy pics.
Please stop by tomorrow, or by February 14th, as I will have my giveaway items posted for the OWOH event! (see sidebar for more info)

Thanks! Y'all stay safe and warm!!

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