OWOH Winners!

Yes, today's the day!
The winners of the One World One Heart giveaway have been chosen.
I used the Random Number Generator to pick 2 bloggers that left comments on my OWOH post.

The first winner of my handpainted bunny softball is Pixie of Pixies Ponderings in Lincolnshire, England !
The 2nd winner of another handpainted softball is Flora of Bone Head Studios in Texas, USA!

Congratulations, ladies!
I hope that you'll enjoy my items.
I'll notify you via email shortly.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!
All your nice comments meant a lot to me!
I enjoyed visiting all the great blogs. Now I can slow down a bit and RE-visit properly!

I want to give a BIG Thank-You Hug to Lisa Swifka!!
It's been a great pleasure! (I LOVE your top hat, by the way!)
Can hardly wait til next year!

Hope to see y'all then!! Sooner is even better!
Please stop by anytime! :)



Jody said...

Congrats to your winners Julie! They are getting adorable prizes!

Pixie said...

How cool! i have emailed my address to you. Thanks!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Congrats to the winners!!!!

Hi Julie,
I wanted to pop in and thank you for being one of my newest followers of my little blog :)
I really didn't get a chance to meet many of the OWOH participants this year as we were celebrating the winning of the Super Bowl AND celebrating Mardi Gras all in one here in Louisiana. Whew!
Thank you for passing through and I hope we can keep in touch~

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Flora said...

AHAHA!!! I kept saying to myself now I know signed up for so many I wonder if I won something ? Thanks so much!!!my email is billsgrl@sbcglobal dot net
blessings and Thanks a bunch!!!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Thanks, y'all! Jody and Jodie! :)
And to the winners, your prizes will be on their merry way by Monday.
Have a great week!