Wren nest!

Spring is really here!!
Monday, we discovered a newly built birds nest right under our noses!

We saw this little wren flying out of it today!!
(This wren photo is from January snowstorm)
Well, it could be the mate of this wren. :)

It caught my eye as I was going in the house from the carport. It's on the top shelf of a big cabinet that I store my glass bottles in before they're painted. DH and I had NO idea what kind of nest it was 'til today. It's pretty big. I don't see how that little wren got some of the bigger sticks in there!

The front of the cabinet has glass doors.
When I took the photos, the nest was empty, of course.
We are hoping that there will be eggs soon!!

It's so exciting to be able to bird-watch so up close. I 'd love to get a pic of the babies when they hatch. Don't want to scare them, tho!
Will keep y'all posted of the progress of our new residents.

Have a great Spring week, Y'all!


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