Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hope y'all are wearing some green today!

Here are several links to all things Irish!
Click HERE to learn some Irish Gaelic phrases!
 The player actually pronounces the words.

Images of Ireland at this site....

The best Irish Band ever...The Chieftains!
They're celebrating 50 years of great music.
 Click on the photo to go to their website.
There's a free download from their new album.

My favorite movie to watch on the 17th!
Dennis Morgan can sing those Irish tunes!

One last link if you ever plan to go to Ireland!
Lots of info HERE!
We hope to visit there someday.
My great grandfather was a cobbler by trade in Ireland.
He started a cobbler shop in Illinois when they moved to America

Hope that you will enjoy these links!
Happy Saint Patricks Day!!


Barb said...

Hi Julie,
Happy St. Pat's to you!
Love the Chieftains and thanks for sharing all the Irish links!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

You're welcome, Barb! I will play lots of Chieftains music today! :) I appreciate ya stopping by!