Thanksgiving is next week!

Oh my, oh my, how time doth fly!!
It's almost Thanksgiving!

What are your plans for next week?
Who's doing the cooking?
My sweet chef/hubby does pretty much 
ALL the cooking.
Thank you, dear.

One of my very favorite sites, 
has a yummy recipe for sweet potatoes.
Check out all the other goodness when you visit their site.

Now, my specialty is Cookie baking and Candy making!
Toll House Cookies, & Kraft Microwave Fudge
are a must at every get together my family has!

 I like to keep it simple & follow the recipe 
on the bag of Nestles Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, 
or just click on the link above
 to go directly to their online recipe.

The only change that I make is that I use 
Crisco Sticks instead of butter.
 I think they taste better!
It also helps to preheat the cookie sheets. 
The first batch turns out better that way.

Ok, on to the Fantasy Fudge!

It's super-easy if you make it in the Microwave!
Microwaves vary, so make sure 
that you don't overcook it.
I stop the Microwave and give the mixture
a good stir about every 3 minutes, 
no more than 11 minutes total.
Then I use the old-fashioned
cold water test to see if it's done. 
Just drop about a teaspoonful of the mixture
in a cup of COLD water, if it makes
a soft ball, then it's done!
Then toss in the rest of the ingredients!
I can still see my Mom making "Karo" Fudge at her stove.
Back then, it was a lot hotter 
standing over the stove and stirring forever!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Here's a little Bing & Rosemary!

Remember to "Count Your Blessings"
on Thanksgiving and every day.

Have a great week!

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