Almost "in the pink!"

Been sick a few days, so I hope to get back to posting, tagging, emailing, and, yes, even painting! I should also be cleaning...as everything goes untouched when I get under the weather. But, I will get to it when I get to it! My fam is in big trouble for the mess!

First things first! I have some major tagging to do! LoL! My OFG pal, Carol, from Days Gone By has tagged me. I will need to come up with 5 things about me. Look for that list on tomorrow's post. LoL! Have I said that I tend to procrastinate?

I've added a set of photos of some of my past work. Hope you'll enjoy looking. I will change them up from time to time.

I have some great vintage items to show y'all; a pair of baby shoes, a nice framed cupid print, and a special present that my hubby bought for me on Ebay!!

The framed photo is really sweet with a little girl and her bow and arrows. I was thinking cupid, but I can't tell if there are any wings at the back.

I love the baby shoes! They look like spats. A couple of buttons are missing, but it's so neat to imagine the little tyke that wore these. There's some very old newspaper stuffed in them to keep their shape, too.

My favorite item is what my hubby bought for me on Ebay! I am a calligrapher, so I love old pens and inkwells and such. He got me an old nib type pen, with a beautiful mother of pearl handle. It came in its own wood box, and the latches are still attached. The lining on the inside is purple fabric. It's sooooo neat! I wish the photo was better, so you could see!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Will post more soon!

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kris said...

Hope you're feeling better, too! Everyone seems to be down with something!