April is here!

April is here! Looking forward to Spring! Lots of rain to set things a bloomin' ! Hoping for a bit drier weather so I can start getting some flowers and seeds ready to plant. It's pretty muddy out there now.

My jasmine is looking very pretty, even with a little blackspot. It survived a neighbor that said it was dead and proceeded to cut it off our fence last year! Yes, our fence! Now it's recovering nicely and growing all over the place!

The hydrangeas are starting to sprout some greenery. I can hardly wait for them to bloom! It's been 2 years! I learned the hard way when NOT to prune hydrangeas! The next season a very late frost killed off the new growth! They should be fine this year. I hope! I have very fond memories of my Grandmother's yard with BIG beautiful hydrangeas all around her home. Hydrangeas are great in dried arrangements, too!

Can you see a pattern here? We have had lots of trials and errors with our landscaping and gardening, but we try to keep going with it! LoL!

I will post a photo or two of our garden when it was in its prime. :)

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