Show Me Wednesdays! My bulletin board?

It's Wednesday! Time for a little show n tell! The item this week is my bulletin board. Well, a section of the wall next to my painting desk IS my bulletin board! LoL! Here it is in all it's glory! A bit messy, yes, but I like to have my notes, dates, painting surfaces, patterns, etc close by. So, when I need a q-tip, or a list of items to paint, or a pattern that I'm using. . . it's right there. I am thinking that it could be better organized with some shelves and cubby holes, but that's on a to-do list somewhere on the wall, too.

Everyone's bulletin boards are SO very pretty! Click on the "Show Me Wednesday" banner above to go to Hazelruthes blog and see all the rest.

I am adding this link to a Martha Stewart video. I thought this was a terrific idea for a wall calendar/note board, and I may even try it one of these days!
Click here for the link!


Cathy said...

Julie, I still love your idea for a bulletin board! Everyone has one and they're very convenient and can be any size! I may have to use this idea for my computer area! Thanks so much for joining us for Show Me Wednesdays.

Cathy :)

Jody said...

Thanks Julie that was a pretty cool video...oh hey by the way, I have joined the blogging community, got you listed in favorites.hope it brings you some good things.