Show Me Wednesdays! My front door!

Ok, here it is! My front door! It's in dire need of a makeover, so I 'm hoping to get ideas from everyone's door photos! The sign is one that I stenciled years ago from a Julie White book. I usually hang it somewhere on the porch each summer when I get things arranged with plants, etc. I haven't done a thing so far, nary a plant in sight! Maybe this will be the "before" photo, and I'll post another pix later. Any door decor ideas are appreciated!!
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My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Julie. Nice to meet you!

Cathy said...

Julie thanks for joining me in the first Show Me-Wednesday. Your door is simple and charming. I hope we both get some new ideas.

Cathy :)

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Nice to meet you too, Sharon! Love your front door! I'm heading out to the garden center today to get a few things for my porch. It needs help! LoL!


Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

I am very inspired, Cathy! This is fun! Will fix my wall/bulletin board for next Wednesday!


Stephanie said...

HI Julie! So wonderful to meet you. My front door is in need of a makeover, so we could be really good friends!!

Love your blog ~ please visit me when you get a chance.

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