Americana stuff

Good morning all! Hope you're having a nice Sunday.

We are heading out in a bit to go to our Grandbaby's 1st Birthday Party.

I can hardly believe a year has gone by! We babysit her all week while her mom & dad are working. She is pure joy! We are really tuckered out by the end of the day, but it's all worth it! Whew! I see why people don't have kids in their 50s! Oh my, she is starting to walk, but when she really gets going , I will get some much needed exercise! :)

Anyway, I wanted to post a pic that I took yesterday of my "Americana" area in my yard. (I'm a couple weeks late!) Some of y'all may have already seen the big old metal cistern that hubby found. I painted it up and it has a home amongst the plants now. I also painted the birdhouse. The big tall birdhouse in the back (about 5 ft) was another flea market find.
There's supposed to be some pink petunias in the flower pot, but they've been a little neglected of late. Just too hot out there for me! I'm really good at growing sweet potato vines, tho'!! LoL! ;)

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