Ready for it to SNOW!! ;)

As you can see, I need to get in the mood for Holiday/Winter crafting! This time of year I always get out the Christmas CD's and Holiday movies to jumpstart the season. It helps me paint my snowmen. What better way than to have a little snowy music and snowmen pix!
If you'd rather hear my regular music, just pause the snow, and hit play on the other list. I want you to have a choice! :) (Some of y'all are barely over the snowy season.)
Let's get ready for some COOL crafts!!



Karen said...

Julie, No, no, no, we can't think Christmas LOL. At least keep it in the closet! We in Oregon barely started summer and I can't stand to think of it ending! Love your blog! Karen (http://plainandsimplykaren.blogspot.com/)

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

In Arkansas, we haven't had a really good snow in quite a while! I'm not a summer person! LoL! Gotta paint those snowmen! Thanks for posting, Karen! :)

Debra said...

I am not readt for winter but I love snowmen anytime- so keep 'em coming! Great vintage snowman graphics!