Vintage Ornies

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
We had our annual get together at my childhood home. I have 5 siblings, so with spouses, their kids and spouses, grandkids and some spouses, and great-grandkids....well, that's a buncha family!! We try to keep it to a dull roar so as not to disturb the neighbors! LoL!
The food is the best! Everybody brings their favorite items. My mom passed almost 8 years ago, so I've taken over making the family favorites that she used to make. I must fix her potato salad, can't vary in the recipe! Fudge is a big deal, too. She made the Karo syrup fudge, but I fix the Kraft Microwave kind. Just never could get the hang of the Karo recipe. My kids would end up eating it with a spoon! My brothers said that we used to use a spoon when Mom made fudge, too! LoL!
Here's some photos of the tree and ornies at my Dad's on Thursday. I remember these from when I was little.

This glass ornament is from around the 50's.

My Dad thinks that this Santa was on my Mom's Parent's tree ! That would make this Jolly Santa at least 70+ years old!

This tree is pretty old too! Growing up we had one of those Silver Aluminum Trees. I was allergic to the real stuff! LoL! The silver tree is still in the attic, almost mint condition, box and all! My dad still has the old Color Wheel that went under it! Remember those?

I found this link that tells about those "Space Age" trees!

50's Aluminum Christmas Trees

This link has Vintage Ornaments up to the 1950's

Christmas Lights and Ornaments Museum

This teardrop shaped glass ornament is so pretty in person! It's very old, too!

I plan to go back and take more photos before the tree is down. My camera battery went out, before I could get any more.

Hope that y'all enjoyed the pics! Thanks for looking!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your photographs came out wonderful and really have brought back memories from my long-ago youth! What lovely vintage ornaments!

I do indeed remember those silver trees with the light-wheels. Loved to watch them rotate the colors -- so very modern, we thought!

A Robin's Nest said...

Love your blog and came by to visit from Penniwig's blog! I grew up with one of those silver trees and a color wheel...that is until it got stuck on a present one year and melted!!!!

Tins and Treasures said...

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. Have a great Monday. Natalie

Beadin By The Sea said...

It's so wonderful to see those old ornaments still in use. We have collected ornaments over the years and even though our tree doesn't have a "theme" like the beautiful mall trees we enjoy taking a walk down memory lane every Chrismtas when they are taken out of storage.