Oh my! 3 weeks since my last post?

Hello all!

Sorry, I have been in such a blogging fog lately. Among other things, the water heater broke almost 2 weeks ago, and I've since been trying to get everything dryed out and a new tank installed! It's funny how you never realize just how MUCH stuff that you have, until it needs to get moved around! LoL! My craft room will now get a complete makeover, due to wet carpet! Yeay! The carpet will have to be replaced in almost every room in the house! All our collectibles will need to be boxed up and out of the way, so it can be installed. Yikes!

Also, it's close to my 100th post, (I dunno, this may even BE my 100th). I'd been planning on some sort of celebration and give-a-way, but I will need to postpone it until the carpet situation gets resolved. I'm thinking of painting something Springy to give away. Stay tuned! It may end up being closer to my 200th post!
I've been tagged by Debora, my Etsy buddy. Her shop is "Beadin' By The Sea!"
Also won a blog award!! I will post more about this asap.
Thanks, y'all!!


xashee's corner said...

i am soo sorry about the disaster at home! oh it sounds like a nightmare!! Sure hope you get it all fixed with minimal hassle! Looking forward to your giveaway or at least to seeing you get to painting! :D BIG CONGRATS on your 100th post & on your award too! Hope you have a DRY & PRODUCTIVE day! :D

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, it's awful when a hot water heater goes on the fritz! What a mess! But yes, hooray about the new carpet! Glad to see you posting again and can't wait to see what ye paint!

Ellen Lyn said...

Hey Julie!
I just surfed in from Suzi's ning site...was looking around there instead of doing the weekend chores. Wanted to say HI and that I think your pink snowman softball is the cutest!! I'll be checking back (especially for that giveaway you mentioned!! =)) but in the meantime, I'm having a little giveaway of my own--in conjunction w/ One World, One Heart--so come by when you have a sec!!
A fellow Arkie,

Tins and Treasures said...

I hope you are getting your craft room back together...and I'm glad you are back in blogland...