Tick Tock!

Tick Tock! That's what my grandbaby calls our clocks. She loves the chimes and will cup her little hand up to her ear to listen to the chimes on the hour.

We have a clock collection. It's mostly shelf type clocks, but my favorites are the old chiming wall clocks and wood mantle clocks. I am *starting* to get the small ones packed up so we can get our flooring done. Geeez, this is going soooo slow! I thought it'd be a good idea to take some photos, so we will remember what's packed and where. Here's a few small *tick tocks.* :) I hope to have pics of some of the mantle clocks soon.

This is from the Hammond Clock Company in Chicago. It's electric and was made between 1928-1941. Mr Hammond went on to create the Hammond organ.

Here's a bright celluloid one, circa 1920s, from the Lux Clock Co. in Waterbury, Connecticut.

A nice antique Jennings Bros., New Haven, Conn. cast spelter metal mantel clock that dates from 1910. It has lovely raised Art Nouveau scenes all the way around the clock, including on the back . We took this one to the Antiques Road Show!

Another one that we took to the Antique Roadshow! (It was SO fun!) This is a chrome-plated? Elgin 8 day clock. It's really heavy.

I love this one! It's cobalt blue ceramic with the most gorgeous Victorian lady in the insert. Made in Germany, but I don't know much about it. The pics are kinda blurry. A new camera is on my wish list. :)

This one is Art Noveau. It has inlay at the top and bottom corners. The detail is wonderful. Reminds me a little of Mardi Gras. The lady is holding a mask, and there's lots of little floral designs and hearts, etc. We took this one to the Roadshow.

I think this one is called a "Grandmother's Clock?" The chimes are lovely.

This is our very favorite! The best one from the Antiques Roadshow. The pictures do not do it justice! It's Swiss and handpainted tin. It's signed, but they weren't sure who the artist was at the roadshow. The gorgeous lady is carrying a bow and arrow. The base is stone and the top is brass.

Hope you enjoyed these!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Ohhh OMG~ I love your collection! I will have to show these pictures to my brother as he is a clock collector himself. He has sold several of them, thinning out the collection but he still has some nice ones that I drool over quite often. ;)~~Pam

Beadin By The Sea said...

Oh, these are lovely, I don't know which is my favorite! We have an old mantle clock made by Seth Thomas. It has the most wonderful "gong" sound!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Thanks,Pam and Debora, for your nice comments! Would love to see pics of your brother's clocks, Pam! Hubby has been collecting clocks for over 30 years. Packing them up ( and all the other stuff) is getting frustrating! I hope we can find it all again when the carpet gets finished! lol!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow---what a wonderful collection! How fun that you were able to bring a couple of them to the Roadshow (love that show!!!!)
Smiles, Karen