Photo Challenge

Good Morning , All!

I've received a challenge from Liv of *Liv Luvs Scraps*

I recently met Liv, who is from Australia, through the "One World One Heart" Event. She won my pink handpainted softball! (It will be there soon, Liz, I promise! LoL!) She's a scrapper and her blog has some of her cool scrap layouts that she created. Check it out!

Ok, for this challenge, I need to find the 6th folder and the 6th photo in that folder in the"My Pictures" folder! I love to take photos, so this will be pretty easy. I have hundreds and hundreds of folders of pics from family, friends, pets, antiques, travels, art stuff.......well, I won't give the whole boring list. :]

Here's my photo.........

As luck would have it, my 6th photo, in my 6th folder, is from 2006!! How weird is that?
This is a Terrye French Prim bunny design. I painted it on a vintage aluminum coffee pot to sell on Ebay. I still have bunches of coffee pots and tea pots that I haven't painted yet! Oh, the clutter!

I am supposed to pick 6 folks to take the photo challenge! I always try and get volunteers first!! LoL! So look out, I may be posting on your blog soon! :)

Thanks, Liv!! This was fun!! It actually has inspired me to start painting on another coffee pot!


millerhomestead said...

Hello! I volunteer and have done my post! Come visit. God bless, Jamie

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Thanks SO much for *volunteering*, Jamie! Your 6th photo is tooo cute!