Easter Greetings!

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter! Since today was a very rainy, windy, & stormy day, we had all the Easter festivities yesterday. A nice time was had by all with a picnic lunch, egg hunt for the grandbaby, and in general relaxing amidst the blooming dogwoods, and lilacs, near the pond. The fresh homemade banana pudding was the yummiest of all the desserts! :)

Here's a little guy that we found flitting among the lilacs! Somebody tell me what is it?? He was smaller than a hummer, maybe 1/2 the size, but looked like some sort of moth? I've seen the big hummer-type moths before, but not like this one. He has 2 bands of yellow across the bottom. It was fun to see him close up. Please leave a comment if you know what he is. :)

My oldest "baby!"

This year, my oldest's 32nd Birthday fell on Easter! Yep, that's her in the photo at about age 3! She was a little tomboy and loved to play in the dirt! We didn't get to see her due to the bad weather, but plan a trip next weekend to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

One more thing to add today. This link was on Twitter via Ann Curry.
It will give you even more to smile about on this wonderful Easter.

Follow Your Dreams!!


Anonymous said...

Oi, sou o Clausewitz. Quer conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil, então passe lá no Blog do Clausewitz. Um abraço

Garden Place Design said...

Looks like a hummingbird hawk moth http://littlenummies.net/?p=827

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Yes! That's it! A hummingbird hawk moth! I found some more photos on Google and they look just like this little guy!

Our REAL hummers have arrived in the last few days!