OoPs! Flea Market...Saturday?

I missed Flea Market Friday, so why not a Flea Market Saturday this weekend?
I'm posting a quick couple photos here because today I'm working on our new Etsy shop...
I just added these 2 items to the shop.
It's slow going, but there will be lots more items in the shop soon.
I am looking through boxes and crates, and trunks of collectibles to see what all we have.
There will be vintage photos, postcards, glass items, kitchen stuff, rusty stuff, and more!
Hubby is having a difficult time parting with these *treasures.*
I am very excited about it all! I want some space! LoL!
My latest motto is "live simply," so some of this has got to go on Etsy!

This is a Pie Bird or Pie Funnel. I had no clue what it was, hubby had to explain! LoL!
Only 15 bucks, plus shipping, it's on Etsy now.
I know y'all are familiar with a lemon juicer. It's green depression glass. So pretty!
20 dollars plus shipping, also on Etsy.

I am heading out to look in our trunks for vintage photos.

Please take a peek at the new Etsy shop!
All comments welcome!! What sort of items would you like to see in the shop (or here) We have a bit of everything, believe me!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


kittylover60 said...

Hey, hey, I've put you all three in my favorites! Love your blog and music:) Drop in and say "howdy" sometime. I'm pleased to e-meet you;D
Carol, OFG Chick

Apple Tree Cottage said...

Oh goody!!! Vintage items --- you know I will hop over right now! Oh, and I don't care what day is "Flea Market" day. I love to see your treasures.