Free Vintage Karo Syrup Images

Here's a couple images that y'all might like from an old Corn Products Cookbook.
This one is the from the first page of the Candy making section. It's my favorite because they are making fudge! My mom used to make fudge using the Karo Syrup recipe. The whole kitchen would smell so good while she was fixing it! We even loved it when it didn't turn out. We just used a spoon! :) I haven't had a lot of success with making it her way. I make the Kraft Marshmallow Fudge in the microwave. So easy, and it never fails! I am the appointed fudge candy maker in our family when we have get-togethers.

Hope that you'll enjoy these. Maybe they'd be good for some mixed media or however you choose to use them. Just click on the image to get the larger version, right click, and save as, to save to your pc.


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