Lost Our Marbles!

For Flea Market Friday, I thought I'd show y'all DH's favorite collection of all!
All 10,000+ of them!
He started collecting marbles years ago. He found an old wooden game board with clay marbles displayed on it at a favorite antiques shop. He was hooked!

The clay ones go way back. Some of them are said to have been used by the early American Indians. Along with the clay marbles, there are agates, china, handpainted, swirls, benningtons, and lots of others. I like that orange and black marble below. Looks like Halloween colors!

The jars they are displayed in are neat, too. I love the vintage Tom's Peanut Jars, Stewarts, a Squirrel brand Peanut Jar, and lots of old Mason jars. There's about 25 jars in all.

Lots of them are arranged by colors.

This jar is kindof Christmasy!
We get lots of jokes at shows like, "Have you lost all your marbles?"
The answer is "Yes!" But at least, DH has a collection of them to fall back on!
Have a good weekend all!


idyll hands said...

I've never wanted a marble collection as much as I do now after seeing these pictures! How wonderful!

cwa said...

Hello. I love the title of this post, and your marbles are great too. They look so wonderful displayed in all your glass jars. Thanks for sharing them with your readers. Blessings to you.

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

What a great collection. I love old marbles and Im always on the lookout for them for my game boards.The old jars are fab too.~~Pam

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow!! that is the biggest and coolest collection of marbles I have ever seen! Fanstastic! Love the old, old clay ones and the pretty Christmassy ones the best.
Thanks for sharing.
Smiles, Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...
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Christine said...

Absolutely breath-taking! All the colors...thanks so much for sharing:) The Toms Peanut jar brings back memories...my mom always kept her flour and sugar in those jars! I'll have to check to see if she still does-I don't really bake at her house anymore. I was so excited to see that Walmart had glass jars the same shape (no coloring of course) and I got one for $4 the other day:) Now I know that if I can't figure out anything else to put in it, I can put marbles in it! lol

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

I should have added Hubby's photo of him and all his marbles at our local Fall Festival. He was even in the newspaper, back when he was youger! LoL!

We took one of the big jars to the Antiques Roadshow and didn't think to bring a wagon or dolly! He pushed the jar of marbles (in a wood box) up and down the line! Just tooo heavy to carry!

Thanks for the comments, y'all!!

Kristina Dimitrijevic said...

Wow! Thats impressive, have you ever gotten an exact count?

Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

Hope you never lose your marbles, lol...that is one great and beautiful collection! Good luck at the sale, too.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

We will always have our marbles in one place! Sorta! LoL!

Never counted them all exactly, but close to two thousand in each of the big jars. We have a few more jars packed away, but who knows where! :)

Thanks for your comments,y'all!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.