Free Vintage Images

Happy Friday to all!
I've been having so much fun with the new scanner!
Here are images that might be good for some of your art or scrapbooking.
I love the kitchen stuff. DH has lots of cookbooks that I can scan!
Yep, they are HIS! LoL!
I wanted to put this Blue Ribbon recipe book on Etsy, but he wanted to keep it!
I love the cute cover!
This is the back of the cookbook.

Flea Market Friday will be back soon. I haven't had time to take any photos.
It's toooo hot to go outside!

Hope that you'll enjoy these images.
Please let me know if you create something with them. Would love to see!

Have a great weekend, and be safe in this heat!


Americana Giveaway!

Wow! The latest giveaways are kind of like the summer blockbuster movies!
Lots of great stuff to see!
Here's an assortment of Americana items from Cindy at
Our Primitive Heart!
I love that little Annie doll!
She's ready for the 4th of July holiday!
Just check out Cindy's blog to enter the drawing!

Thanks very much, Cindy!

GiveAWay from MommaB!

YES!! It's another great giveaway from Vickie at MommaB's Front Porch!
It's a good one, too! As you can see in the photo, Vickie is a wonderful painter! At the risk of squelching my chances at getting this SO cool candle holder, I must shout it out to the blog world to head on over to her blog and post a comment for an opportunity to win! (LoL! I DO get an extra chance at winning if I spread the word, so my motives are purely selfish!)
Thanks, Vickie, for your super talent!


Dad's Interviews

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, stepdads, and grandpas out there!
This is a photo from the late 60s of 2 of my little brothers
holding a drawing of mine.
I saw this cartoon in the paper, so I sketched my version of it.
It's a comic of a teenage girl and her boyfriend,
very nervously, but politely, chatting with her dad.
Chatting may be an understatement! :-D
My Dad had to meet every boy that I wanted to go out with, before we went out.
Just getting boys to come by and talk to my Dad was a job in itself.
It was more like a job interview, with the usual, "What are your plans for the future?" and "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" kind of chat.
I was horrified as each unsuspecting victim....er....prospective boyfriend, stopped by for their turn at the third degree.
Now that DH and I have 3 grown daughters, and have been through the *dating thing* with them, it all makes total sense!
Dad is now 93 and will do interviews for the grandkids AND great-grandkids potential victims...er... boyfriends!!
Thanks to my Dad for being a terrific interviewer!
P.S. That young man getting *interrogated* in the sketch is my hubby of 38 years.
(He didn't pass the interview at first!)


Saturday Pinks!

Good Saturday morning to everyone! I'm in a pink mood lately. I think my granddaughter has something to do with that for sure! Here she is helping me gather a vase full of hydrangeas from my yard. It was heavy, but she loves to help out.
I also took this photo of a baby preying mantis. He was fast, but I managed to get a shot that was almost in focus! LoL! He was SO little, barely an inch or so.

And I just listed this sweet pale Pink oval Pyrex dish in my Vintage shop on Etsy. The color is gorgeous! Click on the photo to see more.

Thanks for visiting! I am back to packing up collectibles! (yes, still!) I will post before and after pics of my new floor when we get all finished.
Have a great Saturday!!!


Free Vintage Karo Syrup Images

Here's a couple images that y'all might like from an old Corn Products Cookbook.
This one is the from the first page of the Candy making section. It's my favorite because they are making fudge! My mom used to make fudge using the Karo Syrup recipe. The whole kitchen would smell so good while she was fixing it! We even loved it when it didn't turn out. We just used a spoon! :) I haven't had a lot of success with making it her way. I make the Kraft Marshmallow Fudge in the microwave. So easy, and it never fails! I am the appointed fudge candy maker in our family when we have get-togethers.

Hope that you'll enjoy these. Maybe they'd be good for some mixed media or however you choose to use them. Just click on the image to get the larger version, right click, and save as, to save to your pc.



Summer Celebration! OFG Style!

Click on the banner to see all the summer/patriotic items
created by the folks at
The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy!
Everyone has been busy painting, stitching, glueing, cutting, hammering, & sewing away like a bunch of elves at Christmas!
Lots of things to make your summer a little more fun!

Here's one of my favorites from KeepsakeKorner's shop. An adorable summery, cottage style hat to wear out on a summer day to protect you from the suns rays. Just click on the hat to go to the Etsy listing!

Check back as I will post more summer favorites during the OFG Party!!



Etsy YART Sale!

I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST!
ALL items in BOTH my Etsy Shops are on Sale for 10% off! Now's the time to grab up some bargains! Please email me or *convo* me through Etsy if you find something that you like. I will then send you a revised invoice with 10% taken off the price!