Garden Photos

Here's an older photo of some pink cosmos and a gorgeous butterfly in our garden.

These are our hydrangeas before I messed them up!
I know they will be great again this summer!


rockriverstitches said...
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rockriverstitches said...

Love your flower photos! I have Hydrangea's and can never get them to bloom. Bought a new one last summer and hope that it blooms this year. Thanks for adding a link to my blog. I will do the same on my blog for yours. Noticed you belong to OFG too! Your blog looks great!

Tammy :)

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Thanks, Tammy!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they bloom this year. If I remember correctly, they bloom better with bone meal added in to the soil.
I am loving ofg! It's so fun and keeps me motivated to paint, even tho' I'm way behind right now! LoL!