More Etsy and a Clean Sweep moment !

Just thought I'd add this link today for my 1st Etsy Treasury. An Etsy Treasury is a selection of a dozen favorite items chosen by the person that starts it. (Does that make sense? LoL!)

Check out these cool items by members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering. I want it all! :)



I'm in the process of helping my hubby with the sorting and packing of all of our antiques and collectibles from the past 30+ years! He's the "hunter-gatherer" when it comes to vintage stuff! It's all about the thrill of the hunt.....and then finding some neat old items! After a while, it becomes a bit too crowded. (Can you tell, I've been watching Peter Walsh on Oprah? LoL!) I wish we had Clean Sweep or one of those other declutter and organize shows to come and do the lifting!

We plan on having a big auction in the late fall. Of course, this all means the push and pull of what stuff to keep, what stuff to pack, etc. But, we will have room to breathe when we're done. And, he is anxious to get out there and "hunt" for more stuff! LoL! All you 'teekers know what I mean! :)

I am picking out paint like I was one of those Trading Spaces guys! We should be able to see the walls after all this. I should've taken a "before" photo, so the "after" photo would be more effective!

I need to go rest up now!


Here's some photos of a few items before they get packed up.

Some green bowls and creamers...

The dish is from the Queen's Coronation in 1953

Started saving vintage cologne bottles years ago
for all our daughters. Here's a few. Some are a little
newer, but neat.

A potpourri of kitchen items: egg separator,
french fry cutter, green glass salt shakers, cookbook, etc.

We have tons of old milk bottles! Fun to pack up! ;]
Lots more where these came from! LoL!

Hope you enjoy these photos. I will post more as we
will be packing for quite a while to come! Whew!!


kris said...

I'm jealous of all the fun stuff you get to go through, but not envious of you having to pack things up, LOL!! I know, you don't think they're as fun as us who haven't lived with them for the last 30 years, LOL! Don't wear yourself out!!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

I need a chiropractor! LoL! I will be glad when all this stuff is put away! We are keeping a few favorite things out, tho.