Bargains Galore on 64!

If you love junkin', it's the place to be this week.
It's 160 miles of yard sales, antiques and collectibles, along highway 64, from Fort Smith to Beebe, Arkansas. Highway 64 parallels I-40 in Arkansas. People come from all over the country to search for hidden treasures, long forgotten from Grandmas attic. There's lots of plain ol' bargains to be had for everybody's taste.

The top 3 photos are from War Eagle, just to give you an idea of our wares. Everything from crocks, kitchenware, and tinware, to figurines and McCoy pottery.
I love the old straw hats and the green "hat lady!"
We leave the marbles at home! :)
This is the day before it started in 2007, setting up with our big tent. The area that we were in had about 50 vendors all in one place. That's the back of our booth to the right. There are individual booths all along the highway.

Here's another view of our spot.

Hubby is so dedicated to his passion for antiques...

in 06, he'd just gotten out of the hospital the week before, from having an angioplasty!
We made it through just fine, with lots of attention to staying cool, and not overdoing it.

We used to have 3 smaller tents. They were the easy, pop-up kind. Happy to be down to ONE now, but we still have to read the instructions each time! Lots of pipes and poles to put together!

This year we will be in a new spot, in front of my niece's home!
It will be so handy to go in and rest and cool off
if we need to.
Looks like the temps will be forgiving, too. Supposed to be low 90's and low humidity! Yeay! Much better than the 106 degrees from past years!

If you're near Arkansas this week, be sure and travel Highway 64! You don't want to miss it!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

What, where, when ? I don't recall ever hearing about this sale. Im going to go get on the phone and find out more about it. Looks like yall have a nice tent full of goodies.~~Pam

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hey Pam!
Y'all should go! It's lotsa fun! Traffic can be crazy tho!
julie People will just stop suddenly, right in the middle of the highway. Eeeks!


Oh WOW wish I could make the 64 journey. It must be mind-boggling !!
Thank you for sharing your photos.