Flea Market Friday

Hello All!
Here's a few items that I'm listing on Etsy today and thru the weekend.
This teapot is by Arthur Wood. He produced pottery in England around the early 1900's. It's so pretty in person!
Gotta get the old glass doorknobs out! :) I don't know much about them except that I really like 'em! They look great as architectural accents.

This is a little tin cup with a circus theme. It has an elephant, a clown, and a horse and cart around the sides. I always wonder who may have used stuff like this and where they lived.

These glasses are pretty neat! I remember going to Hardees back in the 70s when they had the larger sizes with a hamburger. :) We collected them all. DH sold them years ago, and of course now, he wishes we had them back.

Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam are the 8 oz. size
from 1976. The Grandbaby has a couple favorites that we kept just for her. Perfect for little kids to drink their milk! There's a character at the bottom of the glass when you've finished.

We are off to celebrate a Birthday with our now 25 year old.
Happy Friday, and have a fun weekend!

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