Our Hootie!! :)

I've found my newest passion!
A Wacom Pen Tablet! DD has had one for quite a while and let me borrow it.
It takes some getting used to.
Kind of like using a dry erase board, only you look at the screen while *sketching* on the tablet.
Here's what we came up with.
I drew the owl, and she did the color and animation.
I have yet to figure all that out!


I am SO excited to do some more drawings!

I'd like to try and make some freebies soon, so check back!

Happy Sunday, all!!


Brenda said...

That machine looks really cool!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Thanks, Brenda! It's really neat. I wish I didn't have to give it back to my DD! LoL!

Uniquely Myself said...

You are going to love your Wacom Tablet if you are using PSP. It's great for getting right in on the details when fixing photos etc. Sandra

Beadin By The Sea said...

Ooh, that looks like fun! Great job on the owl!