Flea Market Friday!

I made it under the wire! Here's more of Flea Market Friday!
This is a little different as the item today is NOT for sale. :(
But, I am hoping someone out there can shed some light on this cute little girl.

She's been in our collection for a number of years.

It looks as though she is traveling through space on a rocket?
Note the little dog in the window of the ship.

If anyone has any idea on the background of this figurine,
we would love it if you left a comment or email!

Here's the marking on the bottom.

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I'm enjoying digging though all our old stuff!
Some of the collectibles, I'd forgotten we even had!

Thanks for stopping by!!


UPON A HILL said...

Cute piece, obviously looks like it is wwII piece. I have no idea about it though.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

We were thinking that,too. Wondering the meaning of the "rocket" and the dog? Very puzzling indeed.
Thanks for the comment!! :)