Flea Market Friday!

Happy Flea Market Friday!
The sun has finally decided to show up, after about 3 weeks of rain (almost 10"!) I was beginning to think an ark would be necessary. DH tried to mow the yard and had to get help when the mower got stuck in the mud!
On a positive note, it was great to be able to get out and take some photos. Hubby found this Biscuit Jar this morning, and had to bring it home. I grabbed it up to show for Flea Market Friday!
It's a gorgeous Limoges China Biscuit Jar.

I am amazed at the wonderful condition that it's in.

This will be on Etsy probably tonight. I will have a couple more goodies listed there as well.

I found this good link that gives info on collecting Limoges pieces.

More posting soon! I have the weekend off...except for the big "to do" list! LoL!

Have a great Saturday and Sunday!

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