Wow! Friday Already?

Happy Friday, Everyone!
Here's some Flea Market Items for this week.
These will all be listed in my Etsy Shop asap.
I love the pretty floral design of this China plate by Lefton.

The stand comes with it.

This is a beautiful framed piece that is perfect to show you for Mother's Day!
The silouette is of a mother and child waving to the ships coming in to shore.

It's painted ON the glass.
I'm not sure the correct name for this type of piece.

The background is a print INside the frame, with the ships, cottage, etc.
So pretty in person!

Ok, this is not Mother's Day related, but DH and I just love crockery and bottles of all sorts.
This is a quart Whisky bottle from Scotland.

It dates from the 1800's

I just wonder where it was from, like in a pub or something,
and who was drinking from it at the time!
I'm always fascinated by the history of these great old treasures.

That's all for today.
Hope everyone enjoyed seeing these finds.
Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

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