Americana Cabinet Door by Painted Kreations

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team's Summer Challenge is still going strong! Here's one of the terrific Prim Patriotic items from OFG. This is handpainted by Kris of "Painted Kreations." I am big fan of her work! It's a beautiful Cabinet Door with an Americana Saltbox scene. The Pledge of Allegiance goes around the trim. This would be such a nice addition to your summer decor. Check out Kris' Etsy shop! She is a VERY talented artist!!

Be sure and look at all the Prim 4th of July items from OFG on Etsy!


kris said...

Julie, you are awesome, and such a sweetie!! Thanks sooooo much for showcasing my door! You know I'm a total fan of your work too!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

You're welcome! :) It's been a fave of mine ever since I saw it. I got in this real "bloggy" mood today, and thought it'd be perfect to post about!