My dog does not like "Cat!"

Nala in her younger days

We have a very sweet, elderly heinz57/terrier mix doggie, "Nala." She was just a pup back when my daughters were small and they loved the Lion King, hence her name. Kind of ironic that she's named after a big ol' Cat!

She can't see as well as she used to, and is content to be quietly sleeping under my desk, while I paint or work at the computer. Ya' don't know that this dog is on the place, she's so quiet!

Now, my music is going all the time, even when I leave the room. Lots of different types of music, but mostly mellow type stuff.

Well,I have discovered that Nala does not like "CAT," not as in kitty cat, but Cat Stevens!! Every time the song, "Moonshadow" comes on she starts barking like there's a prowler about to grab my paintin' stuff!! I found this to be quite amusing, and couldn't believe that this one song would have her in an uproar. I experimented with other Cat Steven's songs. . . not a peep out of her! I even tried other artists' songs, not even a mere woof, woof!! I have come to the conclusion that it must be one of the musical instruments or sounds that annoy her. I guess it hurts her ears, but she doesn't even bark when the city tests the tornado alarms, and they are only 2 blocks away! Anybody else have a dog like this?

I will always know when Moonshadow is playing, thanks to my sweet Nala!
I wonder if we'd make it on Letterman??

Cat Stevens in his younger days.Our "Mitty" kitty; Nala steers clear of him!!
My best buddy, Mitty, is our attack cat! Just the other day, he jumped on a big lab that came too close to him in our driveway! The neighbor dogs all fear him! LoL!
He looks pretty docile in this pic, but look out!! haha!

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