I've been double dog dared !!

Ok, this is it....my messy craft room, and boy *messy* is an understatement!

Cathy, from Hazelruthe's, double-dog-dared us to show photos of our mess!

I am pretty embarrassed that I've let it get this far, but I have LOTS of excuses as to why it's fallen into this much disarray!

This is my shelf unit and closet with items to paint on. Lots of coffee pots on top!

When my DD moved out, almost 3 years ago, I jumped right in and took over her old room. I did feel a little guilty for about 5 minutes! My own little room to paint in!! Wow!

Well, she came ba-a-a-ack a few months ago! By this time, my passion for painting and crafting and collecting anything and everything to do with painting and crafting had spilled over into the other bedroom. So, (this is leading somewhere, I promise) I had to move ALL the overflow of items to my already overflowing craft room! Thus, the unbelieveable mess! I can barely move in there!

Another shelf with some completed items and storage bins. Thats one big roll of bubble wrap!

Now the good news! She bought a new home and yep.....I will soon be able to move stuff around again! My DD moves, I gain more craft space! LoL! We will miss her! She's only moving a few blocks away,tho' ! ;)

This is my desk where I paint.

It's a super big old solid oak desk that my DH salvaged from a car dealership that was moving to a new location. I'll take another photo when I clean it off, I promise! :) There is no painting going on here right now! I have been in a pretty non-creative state lately. I hope this slump will change when I re-organize.

Ok, I've shown you my space, or non-space. Head over to Hazelruthe's blog and post your messy craft room, too! I double-dog-dare ya'!
Here's her blog link:
The voting for your favorite craft room mess will end Friday, June 13th!
Voting is at
Hazelruthe's blog.
Look at the other messy rooms besides mine!
I am in very good company!! :)


Angie in AZ said...

Yep, you do have a mess too! And we even have the same shelving unit! LOL! My girlfriend saw my pictures and was shocked since I just cleaned up a couple weeks ago! LOL! Oh well, you can't create and stay neat all the time.... for me, just ain't gonna' happen!

sweetiepie said...

Julie - I love your mess!

I didn't feel very creative with my mess either. I am so glad I finally have mine under control. It is a big relief. Now I can get back to crafting.

PS - By the way, I couldn't see your desk. Are you sure it is there?
Joyce in Iowa

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

A perfectly clean craft room has never happened for me either. :) If it was clean,that would mean that I haven't even been in there.

My desk is holding up all the stuff! hahaha! I do have a cookbook cover that I'm supposed to be working on. That's why the measuring cups are there. (If you can see 'em)

sweetiepie said...

Julie - You are winning the messiest craft room contest. Even I voted for you! Joyce in Iowa

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hey Joyce!
Your room is already clean! Looks great! I hope things will improve in my craft room soon!! Thanks for voting for me! (I think! LoL!)