We have electricity!

Storms rolled through on Sunday evening (Father's Day) and we lost power...and trees! 25,000 people with no electricity in our area. Winds up to 70+ miles an hour. Uprooted trees and debris everywhere! Here's some photos of our cedar tree and some neighbors' damage a few block from us. Wow! These are BIG old oaks! We were very fortunate! The electricity was off for 2 days, but came back on Tuesday night.

Our big cedar split in half! It hit our storage building, which was already damaged from the April hailstorm. So glad we hadn't replaced it yet! :)

This is a home just a few blocks away! The big oak split it in half! Thank goodness, no one was injured! 2 other bigs oaks were down in their yard and the yard across the street.

These folks lost their new treehouse and fence.

Lines were down all over town.

We are all so blessed that there were no serious injuries. I cannot even imagine what people in the more damaged and flooded areas like, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, & Illinois, must be going through! Thoughts and prayers are with all!


kris said...

That looks like when we had our really bad windstorm that knocked our electricity off for 75 hours. Ouch!!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Yowee! I thought 2 days was bad! I shouldn't complain. It was fairly cool temps, so that was good! Nice with all the candles lit everywhere. I just read my book using my booklight.

beadinbythesea said...

Wow, that's a bad one! We had a lot of storms in Kansas in June too. Fortunately, I'm in an area where all the lines are underground so it's unusual for me to lose power for any length of time. I'm glad you made it through okay!